IT Consultant Leader - Ostrava

Moravská Ostrava a Přívoz, Moravskoslezský kraj, cz
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Job Description

Our clients are often globally positioned corporations, who are facing different technical challenges and are selecting Devoteam for our ability to guide them in the complex world of enterprise transformations with various cloud-native tools.

The core value of our company are people - on a different spot in their career journey - from fresh juniors to experienced seniors.

What brings them together is a passion to connect client and technology to bring determined business value.

We are looking for a shining star personality , who finds him / herself in the lines above. In your role, you will be responsible for connecting the team of our consultants and at the same time wisely challenge them for a sustainable personal growth.

And, Your motto must be : Lead by example!


We dream about meeting you

In our dreams, you are :

Personality - When you appear in the room or speak, everybody turns and awaits what you say. You are rather extroverted, at least at work, and people are thrilled to meet you! When they meet you - they cannot forget it for a long time (in a good way of course : -)).

Visionary - You dream about things, and you are not afraid to share your dreams aloud. You are great at things you do currently, but something in you tells you, things can be done better.

You can speak about the future. You inspire people, you inspire clients.

Technical skills - Your technical skills are excellent. Not just good, or above average - they are simply excellent. It does not matter what it is, that customer challenges you with, you just already know.

A hint - as we are a cloud native company - a cloud is your playground).

Experience - You have been around for some time. You've done things, and you are confident about them. In our imaginations, you have been working with large corporations, or even in large corporations, and led or partially led with your technical and communications abilities rather than larger transformations.

Your work involved many levels - from Architecture, Process design but also simple hands on.

We value your experience. It does not matter, we initially do not match on technical bases. We strongly believe that meeting you in a shape we dream about helps both of us and merging our experience with your skills and abilities will just be such a joy!

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